Zelensky speculate about the entry ban of Russian artists in Ukraine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about his attitude to the ban on entry into the country of the Russian artists. He said this in an interview to “RBC-Ukraine”.

According to Zelensky, Kiev authorities should prohibit tour throughout the country performers from Russia selectively. Initially, the Ukraine, the relevant prohibition, because “there was information war, very complex, definitely,” said the leader of the presidential race.

He noted that many Russian artists turned into politicians, in particular, actors Ivan Okhlobystin and Michael Porechenkov. “Moreover, went to the Donbass, shot at our boys. It’s a disaster. (…) These people are not actors. They certainly should not be allowed to enter Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

At the same time, it is necessary to revise the terms of visiting Ukraine for those cultural figures who hold Pro-Ukrainian position and call the Kremlin, “aggressor”, for example for a musician Andrei Makarevich and actress Leah Akhedzhakova.

“We know [Makarevich] very close and met many times and talked about Ukraine. And, frankly, could ever get him to drink a glass of brandy. Well, how can we deny this guy entry?” — asked the politician.

At the end of March between Zelensky and Porechenkov and Okhlobystin had a conflict from-for released artists, humorous commercials in support of the showman in the presidential race. In particular, the actors suggested that Ukrainian politician will reconsider the decision on entry to Ukraine for Russian artists. Zelensky did not appreciate the video and artists called idiots, what the party agreed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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