Belarus will demand from Russia compensation for the bad oil


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Belarus will discuss with the Russian state company “Transneft” mechanisms of compensation for supply of substandard oil, said the Chairman of “Belneftekhim” Andrey Rybakov. On Saturday, April 20, BelTA informs.

Mozyr oil refinery was the first to detect problems with the quality of the incoming oil. In some samples the content of organochlorine compounds was exceeded 100 times. These compounds are “high corrosion aggressiveness,” said the Fishermen. “Possible driving separate heat exchange equipment and the poisoning of the expensive catalyst system,” — said the head of the concern.

Repair of unique equipment will take at least six months. “If we talk about monetary terms, it is at least tens of millions of dollars, the damage could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars”, — said the head of “Belneftekhim”.

The plant “Naftan” oil with a high content of chlororganics not yet received. Decided to reduce the load capacity by 50 percent, to better prepare to minimize the potential impacts, said the Fishermen.

While the domestic market is fully provided with high-quality motor fuel, according to the “Belneftekhim”. Belarusian oil refineries had to act as a filter, receiving a defective product, lamented the Fishermen. “Working on it and we are waiting for information from the Russian side,” — said the head of the concern.

The damage from receipt of defective oil is difficult to calculate. “All possible consequences will be discussed with Transneft at the upcoming meeting. The Belarusian side will insist on the development of compensatory mechanisms,” — said Rybakov.

Relations between Russia and Belarus escalated due to the tax maneuver in the Russian oil industry, in which fuel in the Republic will be supplied at higher prices. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the Republic’s budget will lose $ 10 billion. He said that Russia could lose the only ally in the Western direction, if the parties agree on compensation.

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