An unusual way of eating the nuggets considered blasphemy


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sameer Jafri page in Facebook

A resident of Louisiana Samir Jafri (Sameer Jafri) surprised social media users non-standard way to have the nuggets. The photo is completely cleared from the breading of the nuggets he published in Facebook.

Post scored 2.5 thousand likes and 19 thousand posts. The majority of users in the review considered barbaric this treatment with a snack. “I will stroke just from the look of it,” complained one user. “Well, that’s all. The human race destroyed the nuggets,” concluded another. However, there were those who admitted that enters with the food from McDonald’s as well.

Viral photo came to the Russian segment of Twitter, where they shared by user Nikita Dog. Several commentators have suggested that people remove with nuggets breaded to reduce their caloric content. “When I worked at McDonald’s, so we have one Manager did at lunch, because supposedly on a diet!” — said the girl with the nickname of Geneva.

Some admitted that in a similar way arrive with wings from KFC. “I do so sometimes when you get a spicy breading by mistake, can’t eat much spicy as it burns, the tears, and the taste does not feel,” wrote one of the wearer.

In the fall of 2018 in the network caused controversy sandwich with ramen noodles. Some decided that this dish is disgusting, and even threatened to call the police, and others have tried to make the same sandwich at home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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