Declassified documents about the liberation of Sevastopol


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Russian Defense Ministry

The defense Ministry of Russia has published the materials devoted to the liberation of Sevastopol on 9 may 1944. Previously unseen images and documents posted on the Agency’s website.

The final perswade fighting troops of the coastal army in may 1944, the journal of fighting with the testimony of a captured Lieutenant General Boehme, combat report, dated 9 may 1944, General Fyodor Tolbukhin, and the album of the effectiveness of the 8-th Air army in the battle for the liberation of Crimea. The documents described the battle on the streets of Sevastopol, combat missions and the destruction of enemy forces, including aircraft and other equipment. Photo: Russian Ministry Of Defense 1/3

Also published intelligence with the description of the devastation in areas near Sevastopol and in the city, the results of combat submarines, the scheme of fortifications ground enemy bases and aircraft according to aerial surveys on 13 and 20 April 1944, the newspaper “Stalin’s banner” and “Star” articles about the battles and exploits in the liberation of the city.

The Crimean offensive operation was conducted from 8 April to 12 may 1944, forces of the 4th Ukrainian front, independent coastal army, the black sea fleet and the Azov flotilla. April 16, attempt to take Sevastopol the move failed, then began the assault. May 9, the city was liberated. Crimean operation was a complete rout of 17-th army of the Wehrmacht.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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