Fans of “Game of thrones” found guilty in the appearance of a Cup of Starbucks in the shot


www.vsyako.netSophie Turner as Sansa Starkadr: the series “Game of thrones”

Internet users found the culprit in the appearance of a Cup of Starbucks in the fourth series of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. A Reddit user with the nickname Tercio7 suggested that the drink belongs to Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa stark.

He published a photograph of Turner shown with his colleague Bella Ramsey. In the hand the actress is holding a cardboard Cup of Starbucks, which in size resembles the one that people noticed in the frame. Photo: Tercio7 / Reddit

“That feeling when you deliberately leave your coffee Cup right in front of Danny, knowing that she will take the blame,” reads the caption to the picture. In the comments of the star of the show called “Sansa stark, chief Barista of the North” and accused her character in an attempt to poison the Mother of Dragons.

May 6, fans of the series drew attention to the fact that in the new series “Game of thrones” showed a cardboard Cup with a drink from Starbucks. He was standing on the table next to the heroine Emilia Clarke, who performed the role of Daenerys Targaryen.

In response, the representative of HBO, which produces the show, tried to bring goof to joke. “Latte in one of the episodes appeared by mistake. In fact, She ordered a herbal tea,” he said.

Representatives of the coffee chain Starbucks has also responded to a funny incident and expressed surprise that the heroine is not ordered “Dragon’s cocktail” — a drink made with mango, pitaya, coconut milk and ice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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