In Russia officially allowed to put the road in the cold


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Russian road officially allowed to lay asphalt in winter, snow and rain. This is stated in the draft of the new standard “the installation of asphalt coatings under adverse weather conditions”, prepared by the research Institute of transport construction complex (TSC research Institute), the newspaper “Kommersant”. The amount of the contract of Agency and research institutes TSK amounted to 8.9 million rubles.

According to the document, adverse conditions for road works will be the temperature of plus five to minus ten degrees Celsius in the spring and summer, and from plus ten to minus ten degrees in the fall and winter. For repair under these conditions the asphalt will be delivered from the factories on machines with heated bodies, or covers, and the bottom layer of roads to clear of snow and dirt before laying, if necessary, the track will need to be dried or treated with reagents.

Such technology is forbidden to apply when the temperature outside is freezing weather and wind speeds above six metres per second, and also when sediments more than five millimetres per day. On highways of category 1A and 1B, such as the new Riga highway and the M4, put a new road is possible only in the warm time of the year.

Since 2012 in Russia there is a set of rules according to which you can lay asphalt in dry weather in the spring and summer at temperatures not lower than five degrees, and in autumn at temperatures below ten degrees. This technology is described in the recommendations of the Federal road Agency of 2017, but, according to the Agency, the use of these documents “illegitimate”.

However, the state Duma Deputy Alexander Vasiliev in an interview with the publication said that in compliance with all prescribed conditions, as laying asphalt in cold weather is not suffering. However, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the construction company Khimspetsstroy Alexey Chikunov said that to put the road in “a minus” in any case impossible.

In early March it became known that the Ministry of economic development proposed to evaluate the efficiency of heads of regions by the quality of the roads. Governors will focus on the Federal project “Road network”, included in the national project “Safe and high quality roads”.

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