On the show Dating for the first time brought the two bisexual and was sent on a homophobic island


www.vsyako.netFrame: DailyMail / YouTube

Two guys involved in the British show “blind Date” (Blind date), spent time together in St. Lucia — island country in the Caribbean where prohibited homosexual relations. Reported by the Daily Star.

Aesthetician Shannon Jordan (Jordan Shannon) and model Jess drew (Jesse Drew) did not know until recently that flying to a country where there is such a law. “A hotel employee told us that if the police catch here is homosexual, he or she faces up to 10 years in prison,” — said pair.

The program participants returned to Britain without incident. Leading the project is Paul O’grady (Paul O’grady) claims that did not know about the legislation of Saint Lucia, when handed over to Shannon and drew a trip to the island. Representatives of the channel 5 where the show was also in the dark and said that now we understand the causes of the incident with the production company.

Blind date is a British television show, broadcast since 1985. The participants choose a partner without seeing him, only hearing his voice. In the last season of the show first appeared bisexual.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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