Polka added the rainbow on the icon of the mother of God and was under arrest


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maciej Luczniewski / ZUMA / Globallookpress.com

In Poland have arrested a woman raskleetsya in the parish of the city of Plock the posters with the halo of the mother of God was painted in the colors of LGBT people. About it reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

Detained accused of insulting the feelings of believers. If the case goes to trial, she faces up to two years in prison. It is reported that the posters were discovered in April, but immediately after posting the suspect left the country. On arrival she was detained by the police.

Apartment 51-year-old woman was searched and found several dozen copies of the poster, which is based on a Czestochowa icon of the Mother of God, because of the dark shade of the face called the Black Madonna. The Byzantine icon is considered miraculous and is one of the main shrines of Poland. It is kept in a Catholic monastery, Jasna góra.

Have responded to the event by the Deputy of the Polish Parliament from the ruling conservative party “Law and justice” Joachim Brudzinski. He called putting up posters of cultural barbarism, and stated that “the telling of tales about freedom and tolerance does not give anyone the right to hurt the feelings of believers.”

The population of Poland is deeply religious: according to a 2011 survey, more than 86 per cent of the population profess Catholicism.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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