Rating trump has reached a historic high


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The support rating of the President of the United States Donald trump has reached 46 percent, the maximum score for all time of his reign. To such conclusion researchers from the Gallup Institute, the results of their survey are published on the website of the institution.

The study, conducted from 17 to 30 April, took part 1024 of the Respondent. Among those who support the Republican party of the United States, the approval rating of the President is 91 per cent, among supporters of the Democratic party — 12%, and among those who do not support any of the two major parties — 37 percent.

The average approval rating of trump during his presidential term to 40 percent. Just below — to 35 percent — it fell in 2017. He was thrice raised to the previous record of 45 percent, most recently in early April of 2019.

Although in the same period, the rating of the previous President Barack Obama was 44 percent, on average, American presidents have supported 54 percent of the population. Trump was the first American leader approval rating which does not grow above 50 percent.

In February 2018, the Boise Institute has called the current President, the most unpopular President in US history.

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