Russian veterans have offered, wishing to “repeat” to sit in the trenches a week


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

Veterans of the great Patriotic war shared their impressions about the modern tradition of celebrating Victory Day and called pseudo-patriots want to repeat. Their monologues publishes “Point”.

According to 94-year-old veteran Peter Arysheva, the expression “Can replicate” in the context of the celebration of May 9 use idiots and pseudo. “They would be in a week in the trenches and under the rain, in the melee afterwards. God forbid, of course, such repetition,” he complained.

97-year-old veteran Viktor incision tears, upon seeing a photo with a bottle of vodka on it and tied St. George ribbon. “Is it possible? This ribbon honors the state is placed, a symbol of victory, as they of vodka and pasta”, — he said.

For veterans May 9, “it is a holiday and not a holiday,” said 90-year-old Vitali Zhilyaev. According to him, fought in world barely mentioned the war and was glad that he survived. “And now let’s turn on the TV — there is a war, then the war… what we fought for?” — asks the veteran.

Earlier in the centre of Pyatigorsk has passed the “preschool Parade troops”, which was attended by over 500 children. They marched on the square near the Eternal flame in the form of infantrymen, tankers, pilots, sailors, artillerymen, and nurses. Children were holding toy guns, saluted and laid flowers to the memorial. In the state Duma criticized the idea of holding such a parade and said that arming small children toy guns is not necessary.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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