The girl complained of a headache and was paralyzed


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A resident of the UK spoke about the process of recovery after stroke. Her words quoted by newspaper the Manchester Evening News.

Elizabeth K. (Elizabeth Kay) recalls how in the year 2017, and walked toward the house and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head. Soon her legs went numb, and she fell. The girl managed to call an ambulance. “The paramedics said that my face twisted to one side and speech was slurred,” says 24-year-old Briton.

Kay was immediately taken to the hospital of the city of Salford. The doctors examined the patient and diagnosed her with a stroke. The girl underwent emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from the brain. For this, surgeons have performed her craniotomy — trepanation of the cranial vault.

“I don’t remember the first week of hospital stay. Although I could speak, my voice changed. Sometimes I struggled to find words, says Kay. Left side completely paralyzed. Passing an intensive course of physiotherapy, I re-learned to stand and walk”.

The Briton admits that the process of recovery after stroke has been difficult not only for her but also for relatives. “Family tried to do everything for me,” explained Kay. Over time, however, the family has learned to listen to the requests of the girl and help her without excessive care.

In April it was reported that in the UK, 23-year-old girl pulled in bed and has a stroke. She heard a crunch in his neck, but didn’t give it a value. As it turned out, she had seriously damaged the vertebral artery. Because of this in the brain a blood clot that triggered the stroke.

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