The man caught the fish with a ring in my stomach and decided to marry


www.vsyako.netSandra Bedgood and Christopher Argentorate: Christopher Eggington

In Rugby, UK, a man proposed to his girlfriend after she was found inside of the fish he caught the gold ring. Their story interested the British newspaper the Sun.

Christopher Egginton and his girlfriend Sandra Bidgood fished in the Eastern part of Lincolnshire. They caught a lot of fish, but decided to release most back into the water, leaving himself only two.

In the evening Sandra began to gut the fish to cook dinner. Christopher heard her joyful cry, and turning round, he saw that she was holding a wedding ring. At this point he asked her to marry him. Happy Sandra agreed.

According to the man, he didn’t hide decoration fish. Christopher suggested that she just swallowed the ring before he caught her. The man wanted to marry his girlfriend, but could not be resolved.

“I needed a little push from a friend with gills, to have the courage” — he admitted.

Earlier it was reported that a man proposed to his girlfriend during his sister’s wedding. She helped him to plan everything in advance so he can surprise his beloved with a spectacular gesture.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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