“The most beautiful woman plumber” found in the UK


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Carly Gayle

In the English town of Crewe, Cheshire, found the most beautiful woman plumber in the UK. Reported by the Daily Mail.

30-year-old Carly Gail (Carly Gayle) started working at 15, helping my father on weekends-plumbing. “He taught me how to solder pipes, and stuff like that. I requested that he taught me this profession, but he refused, recalled the Briton. He didn’t want me to go in his footsteps, because it is hard work.”

Later Gail entered the vocational school, where in addition it was 200 boys and only one girl. She admits that people’s attitude to the female plumbing is quite biased. “Some ask: “where is the man?”. They doubt that I’m qualified enough to efficiently provide services,” she explained.

Selection. Gail attracts the attention of customers. Despite the specificity of the work, the woman carefully takes care of herself. “This is a very dirty job. I often come home in the sawdust, she said. But like any girl, I love nail Polish. If I need to save it to a specific day, I wrap the nails with adhesive tape”.

According to the Brits, working as a plumber brings her a lot of money — 36 thousand pounds per year (3.1 million rubles). “I’m so glad I got into this business. I learned a lot and earned decent amount of money, said Gail. — Perhaps even more than most women my age”.

In 2018, the Chinese police published a photo of wanted fraudsters Cinching Jingjing. Social media users have dubbed her “the most beautiful criminal of China.” A former classmate of the girl told that Tincani was “the hottest girl in class” and was popular among boys.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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