Another brand hired a model without a front tooth


www.vsyako.netSimon Lotto: @primark

Budget Irish brand Primark has posted on his Instagram account advertising campaign, which starred the girl without front cutter. This drew the attention of journalists Metro.

The picture shows the model Simon Lu (Lu Symone) is a black leotard and yellow knitted tunic, showing tongue at the camera. Next to it is a plus — size model Lucy Knell (Knell Lucy) in a bikini with a multicolored floral print.

Fans of the brand enthusiastically embraced the new campaign and shared a personal experience in social networks. “In 18 years I had four months to live without a front tooth after an accident. This, of course, crippled my self-esteem. I covered my mouth whenever I smiled, I laughed… Then I was even afraid to talk. If I saw this photo, it would have been different,” admitted one wearer of the social network. “I don’t know how this girl lost a tooth. I take it as a policy to Primark, who in his campaign shows real people,” praised another wearer.

Earlier in may, the creative Director of Italian fashion house Gucci, Alessandro Michele unveiled a new line of lipstick, which is starred toothless punk singer Danny Miller. On one promotional picture closeup smile captured Miller with a bright red shade on the lips. The photo shows that the singer is no two upper incisors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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