From the bottom of the Black sea raised fighter of Soviet Union


www.vsyako.netFrame: Lead Sevastopol / YouTube

Rescuers black sea fleet raised the fragments of the wreck of the aircraft I-16 at Cape Chersonese in Crimea, where it was discovered in April. About it reports “Says Moscow”.

From the car survived the engine, screw the bases of the wings. The skeleton of the fighter was at a depth of 11 meters. The plane was shot down 180 metres from the banks during the great Patriotic war.

I-16 — Soviet single-engine fighter, developed by experimental design Bureau of Soviet aircraft designer Nikolai Polikarpov in the 1930-ies. Used by the air forces of the Soviet Union in the fighting until 1944, despite the obsolescence. Also was in service in Spain, Mongolia and China.

The day before, on 7 may, the defense Ministry of Russia has published the materials devoted to the liberation of Sevastopol on 9 may 1944. Among them is Intel’s description of the devastation in areas near Sevastopol and in the city, the results of combat submarines, the scheme of fortifications ground enemy bases and aircraft, photos of liberated Sevastopol and other documents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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