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Prime Minister Theresa may is likely to retire until autumn 2019. About it writes The Times.

According to the newspaper, the Prime Minister intends to remain in his post until September, when the annual Convention of the Conservative party. It is noted that now the Prime Minister’s office is developing a plan with a new deadline for the conclusion of the Brexit situation out of the impasse. This will mean that it will be able to retain the position of head of Cabinet and leader of the Conservative party for four months.

The Times indicates that this is different from conditions, which may have outlined the head of the 1922 Committee Graham Brady. He said that the Prime Minister should speed up the process of resignation and announced before the summer recess of the lower house of Parliament — the house of Commons. The break has to start on the third or fourth week of July.

Opponents may expect that before the holidays the members of the Parliament will be able to select the two contenders for the post of head of the conservatives to offer their candidates to the voters is simple. In this case, the voting results it was possible to announce at the autumn Congress, but that plan is under threat, notes TASS. At the same time the Prime Minister does not intend to leave until completion of the first part of the deal for the UK out of the EU.

On may 4, it became known that the Conservative party has lost more than 1300 seats in the regional elections in the country.

Officially, the UK was to withdraw from the EU on 29 March 2019. However, British politicians are unable to agree on when and how the country will secede from the European Union, and whether to do it at all, which led to a government crisis. In early April, London was able to negotiate with Brussels about postponing until October 31. During this time the parties will need to develop a mutually acceptable agreement which will allow to mitigate the effects of a British exit from the EU. Otherwise, it will be applied without the Brexit option of the transaction.

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