Passenger SSJ-100 revealed new details of the rescue from the burning aircraft


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The passenger burned down in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) Evgeny Klimov spoke about his rescue of “crazy fire”. Its words TV channel “360”.

A resident of Murmansk noted that he had dozed off on the plane and saw the flash with my eyes closed. “Those people who are in the tail was sitting, did not even move”, he said. According to him, one passenger from the 18th row “managed to slip” and is now in hospital. Also saved the passenger from the 15th row. Starting from the 10th row had been rescued, said the Murmansk (numbering of the rows on Board the SSJ-100 carried from the nose of the aircraft — approx. “Of the”).

His story is somewhat at odds with the information that was previously posted. Thus, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” refers to the Seating chart passengers, also saved one man from the 13th row and three at the 12th. In the 9th row, killing one passenger.

Klimov said that the panic on Board began at the moment when the plane caught fire. Before that, there was no panic. He was sitting in the eighth row, on the aisle. During the evacuation he got released he was sitting next to passengers, and left. “One woman came out, the second seems to be how also came, but somehow, we then have not found. And in missing persons she listed,” said the man.

“Everybody who came, I missed, pushed, faster, faster. Then seeing the smoke coming right over the top, black smoke. I feel that I have breath. I crouched lower to the floor. Became small breaths to breathe in, hold your breath. I see that no one goes. And ahead of the darkness is black,” he described murmanchanin the situation on Board the burning aircraft. Man pushed out flight attendants and went after him.

He added that no crowding during the evacuation did not notice. According to Klimova, my bags were only saved by passengers the business class.

Once out on the street, Klimov looked around and saw “crazy fire.” The man said that the plane was on fire from the wings to the tail.

“Most importantly, remained alive”, — concluded Klimov. According to “360”, he got out of the plane one of the last. The man still feels unwell.

May 5 SSJ-100 Aeroflot flew from Moscow to Murmansk and caught fire during the emergency landing at Sheremetyevo airport. As a result of incident killed 41 people, 37 survived, 10 of them are in the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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