Rich was kicked off the plane for refusing to learn the rules of safety


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A woman with a Louis Vuitton bag and her rich companion kicked out of the plane of airline New Zealand due to the fact that they refused to read the safety instructions. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, may 7, on the flight Wellington — Auckland. According to witnesses, the pair was sitting near the emergency exit, and when the flight attendant politely asked them to learn a special card with security rules, and they are buried in the phone.

“The stewardess was very kind to him and once again politely asked the woman to see what was happening as they sat next to the emergency exit, but she stopped his ears with his hands,” — said the witness.

In the end, naughty couple was kicked off the plane. They delayed the flight for 25 minutes. “You probably thought that they were disappointed or embarrassed, but not so. They were very pleased with what is happening”, — said the passenger. She added that after that the breaker defiantly called for a rival airline Jetstar and booked a new ticket on the flight to Auckland.

When the pair was removed from the plane, another passenger noticed that they looked very wealthy, and the woman had in her hand a bag Louis Vuitton.

In March, a passenger plane EN route from Pakistan to Australia, scared fellow travelers, asking God about the plane crash. The man, identified as Khalil, was supposed to fly from the airport in Islamabad and fly with a stopover in Dubai. After boarding, the passenger began to pray that the plane crashed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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