Slepakov ridiculed obsessed with diets women


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Showman and comedian Simon Slepakov has published in Instagram a poem called “Conversation with a nutritionist”, which touched on the topic of weight loss. Members considered it topical.

The poem Slepakova constructed as a dialogue specialist with the girl who wants to lose weight. Initially, the patient complained to the doctor that can not postroynet, despite the severe restrictions in food. “The age didn’t eat bread!
My whole dimoska — fresh zucchini!” said lyrical heroine, suggesting that she became a victim of the evil eye.

However, the dietitian could not believe the girl and demanded honesty, calling it a “prisoner” of fat. The patient then openly said that the whole day eating sweets. “Yes, a bowl of dumplings, well, if a holiday, then more sour cream, and the celebration through the day,” she said.

Then confused the dietician said a girl why she pays him, if not going to lose weight. But she said that it important process, not the result, and money to visit the specialist gives her husband.

Post scored 45 thousand likes in a few hours. Members admired the creation Slepakova and called it relevant. Some published advice on nutrition and training. Noted, and celebrities: for example, Alexander Revva said that he wanted dumplings and sour cream, and Oskar Kuchera left a comment with lots of laughing smileys.

In January Slepakov published a picture with two monkeys, presenting them as future Champions of KVN. He called their team “Red ass”, speaking at the Sochi festival.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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