Streamer took video of the running for money half-naked models and was punished


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @danbilzerian

Channel streamer Bilzerian Dan (Dan Bilzerian) on Twitch was blocked-Instagram-models in bikinis, who fled on a treadmill. This writes Dexerto.

The girls tried to run a mile (about 1.6 kilometres) over time, less than five minutes to get promised for that streamer money. The first run of the challenge tried sue Kinsey (Kinsey Sue).

Bilzerian said he would pay her 30 thousand dollars (about two million), if that will fit at the specified time, but the efforts of the girl were not successful. Setback and model Alex Abbot (Alex Abbate), which Bilzerian offered five thousand ($325 thousand) for completing the challenge.

Reddit users, which leads Dexerto, suggested that Twitch has blocked the channel of the streamer due to the fact that it considered video material of a sexual nature. According to users, the site could calculate that shot with candid views girl in bikini violate the policy of the service.

Bilzerian himself has not commented on the lock of the canal. Video models he made to advertise his own company to sell marijuana.

In early April, the service has restricted access to the channel streamers, which accidentally revealed on camera their intimate part of the body. The girl said that the administration was wronged.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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