The investigator questioned the suicide of the lead singer of The Prodigy


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The investigator who studied the circumstances of the death of the lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint, questioned the fact that the actor committed suicide. This publication reports The Independent.

The coroner said that the investigation is insufficient convincing evidence that the musician has indeed killed himself. The body of the musician was found March 4 in his home in Dunmow. The main cause of death was called a suicide, the reason for which could become a prolonged depression caused by the divorce of flint with his wife Mayumi Kai, better known as DJ Gedo Super Mega Bitch.

It is also noted that on the day of death in the blood were found traces of cocaine, codeine and alcohol. “We will never fully know what was on his mind that day,” summed up a senior investigator Caroline Beasley-Murray.

Earlier, in March, frontman of the punk band Sex Pistols johnny rotten said that flint decided to leave the life due to feelings of deep loneliness. “Nobody liked, everyone left him and it destroyed it,” said rotten, thus confirming the basic version of the investigation.

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