The model told about the invisible in the photo with catwalk agony


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Australian model Imogen Anthony (Imogen Anthony) shared with subscribers of the emotions that tormented her as a teenager and influenced her perception of herself. About his past, Anthony said in Instagram.

The model admitted that he had changed many schools. Because of this, she developed depression, which she tried to fight, causing injury to yourself and eating harmful food. “In some schools, I was terribly persecuted, I had no one to sit and not even talk to anyone,” wrote Anthony. Due to improper diet girl fat and from cuts on her body had scars which she later covered with tattoos.

Anthony never finished school and moved to Sydney when she was 17 years old. She’s been eating less and lost a lot of weight, but was still dissatisfied with their appearance. The model admitted that he suffered bodily dysmorphia — a mental disorder in which a person is excessively concerned about minor defects in your body.

Anxious experiences began to retreat only when the modeling career, Anthony went up, but after a time returned. Anthony believes that would be a lot happier if people focused less on the differences in appearance of each other. “Once in seventh grade a boy said that I have a “belly”. But until this moment I never thought about the fact that my body may be something wrong. Please, think about what you tell people. Especially children and young people”, — said the model to the subscribers.

Fans praised Anthony for sincerity, noting that the story could be someone really useful. “Maybe today you saved the life of a person with very low self-esteem. Celebrities have an influence on the minds of the people, listen to them,” concluded one user.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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