Estonia found in Russia part of its territory


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Russia still has not returned to Estonia at 5.2 per cent of the territory. On Thursday, may 9, said the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of Estonia, Chairman of the Conservative people’s party (EKRE, ANC), Mart Helme, reports TASS.

“Russia does not want us nor return to the territory nor to give compensation for it, nor even to discuss this issue”, — said the Estonian politician. “To war with Russia we’re not going”, — said Helme, did not elaborate on what kind of site it is.

The Russian Embassy was unable to immediately comment on the situation. Meanwhile, a Russian diplomatic source explained TASS that the helm was probably referring to territory, including Ivangorod and part of the Pechora district of the Pskov region.

According to the Tartu Treaty between Soviet Russia and Estonia of 2 February 1920, this land belonged to Estonia. But after the country became part of the Soviet Union in 1940, these territories withdrew from the Federation. The Russian foreign Ministry repeatedly stated that the Tartu peace Treaty became invalid after the entry of Estonia into the USSR.

In 2005, the line of the Estonian-Russian border was agreed on after nearly 11 years of negotiations. He was then signed a border Treaty, but after its ratification in the Estonian Parliament included in the preamble a mention of the Tartu peace Treaty. In these circumstances, Moscow recalled its signature and the process of harmonization of the border remained legally incomplete.

The talks resumed in late 2012. In February 2014, the agreement was signed by the foreign Ministers of Estonia and Russia, after which it needs to be ratified by the parliaments of both countries. Representatives of the ANC has repeatedly opposed the ratification of the Treaty in its current form, arguing that the border should be in accordance with the Tartu Treaty.

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