Poroshenko told about the “pobedobesie” of Moscow and “clowns of the immortal shelves”


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Over the past five years, Ukraine has developed its own scenario and the ritual celebration of victory Day in world war II that brought the country to the European tradition. This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, reports “112 Ukraine”.

Speaking at a memorial rally in Central Kiev, the head of state has stressed that Ukrainians “have distanced themselves from the Kremlin “paleobase””. According to him, Kyiv, unlike Moscow, would not assign an overall victory for all the anti-Hitler coalition.

“Nobody has the right to monopolize the victory over Nazism, and especially to use it as an apology for its Imperial policy”, — said Poroshenko. He added that the victory in the Second world war is not a reason to “drive mummers “immortal shelf” around the world”.

The head of state concluded that the day of the end of world war II should be honored not only the soldiers, but the soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia).

May 9, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ivan Vinnik said that Russia wants to usurp the victory over fascism. According to him, the Ukrainian side has the right to celebrate the victory of soldiers, and memorial Day eighth of may, and Victory Day, which was established by the Soviet Union.

In March 2015, Ukraine has established a Day of remembrance and reconciliation, which is celebrated on the eighth of may. The country also continue to celebrate the Victory Day on ninth of may, but the main events marking the end of the war held the Day of memory.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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