Team Zelensky felt the whip of the law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters

The representative team of the elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Sviatoslav yurash said that the law on the Ukrainian language is a method of a whip. This was told on air of TV channel ZIK.

Yurash explained that she watched as the Ukrainian language is gaining popularity and spreading across the country. “And for me is clear — if this process takes place organically, Ukrainization is happening better and faster,” he said, adding that is English-speaking.

Methods of forced Ukrainization can only slow down this process, which will lead to negative consequences. According to him, the best method is the one that carries more “gingerbread”, and urged not to allow to multiply the “whips” around the Ukrainian language.

25 APR Zelensky said that he intends after taking office, to conduct a thorough analysis of the document and indicated that it was adopted without proper public discussion. He stressed that a lack of consensus on this issue indicate that over two thousand amendments, and to predict the consequences of this law is not yet possible.

On 25 April the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, which involves the use of it in almost all spheres of life. According to the document, language will become mandatory for public authorities and local governments, educational institutions, hospitals and service sectors. It will have to speak in court, the army, law enforcement, advertising, during election campaigns and referenda.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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