The activity of the Chechen mafia has alarmed the police in Germany


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jens Meyer / AP

German law-enforcement authorities during the year, analysed information on the Chechen mafia in the country, its activity is disturbing the local police. On Thursday, may 9, according to Deutsche Welle (DW).

The operation to study the criminal part of the Chechen community in Germany called “Bristles”. In the report by the experts indicate that Chechen criminal gangs dominate many areas of criminal activity, but also act with extreme brutality.

“They are showing excessive willingness to violence and more often appear in the cases of murder”, — the document says. The report noted that if earlier the Chechen mafia has mostly been providing services for other parties to the criminal world, now began to take control of lucrative illicit activities.

In particular, we are talking about drug trafficking, theft and extortion, as well as “debt collection” activities by knocking out debt. Experts also noted that representatives of the Chechen crime purposefully trying to get confidential information in the German law enforcement agencies — this is the Italian mafia.

For example, there were cases when security firm controlled by the Chechen clans, has received orders for the protection of buildings of the police, including areas where based forces police special forces. The authors of the report note that a situation may arise when criminals “close-UPS can observe the actions of the police and to obtain information from key police units”.

In addition, as highlighted in the document, the investigation of crimes of the Chechen mafia is very difficult because of the peculiar cohesion of the Diaspora. Because of this, the police is difficult to recruit informants in it or to use embedded agents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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