The University has prepared lessons of happiness for suicide prevention


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Bristol University will hold “lessons of happiness”, to prevent suicide among students. About it reports The Independent.

Professors were prepared 12 weeks after more than ten students have committed suicide in the last three years. Classes will be led by psychology Professor Bruce hood, who will explain to students what is happiness and how to achieve it. He hoped that this course will interest students from all faculties.

Lectures will start in September and will be held once a week for one hour. Students will be offered a choice of tasks that they have to perform for seven days, and then to share the results. Practice includes increasing hours of sleep, meditation, thanking the people doing good things.

In January the British government said it was ready to block access to social networks in case they do not come up with an effective way of dealing with potentially dangerous content. We are talking about materials that promote suicide and can push teenagers to harm themselves.

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