Presidential candidates in the United States considered too old for the presidency


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Candidates in US presidents on elections of 2020 will not be able to govern the state due to old age. This was stated by former Pentagon chief Robert gates in an interview with CBS.

In particular, he talked about the abilities of the former Vice-President Joe Biden, senators Bernie Sanders and incumbent Donald trump. Currently, Biden 76 years old, Sanders is 77 years old and Trump — 72.

“I’m not sure what you have in this age, will remain the intellectual sharpness that you could have had in my 60 years,” said gates, adding that the named candidates are not sufficiently vigorous for the post of President of the United States.

Comparing trump, who became the oldest newly elected President, 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who was elected for a second term at the age of 73 years, the former head of the Pentagon has noticed that the latter was “a pretty great President.” He concluded that the work of the head of state must be perfect in all respects.

As specifies the edition, for the presidency in 2020 could fight almost two dozen politicians in age from 37 to 77 years. Thus, according to the national and regional polls, Biden and Sanders occupy the top positions in the ranking.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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