Tourist rescued a stray dog and died from rabies


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Birgitte Kallestad / Facebook

A tourist from Norway was saved by a stray dog during a holiday in the Philippines and died of rabies. Reported by the Daily Mail.

How to tell the relatives of the deceased Birgitte Kallestad, 24-year-old girl saw a puppy on the side when riding with friends on motorbikes. She picked up the dog from the street and taken to housing that they rented. Kallestad then washed the puppy, and all her company played with him for the rest.

According to her family, for all those who frolicked with the dog, were small bites and scratches from him, but they seemed so small that no one gave them importance.

When Kallestad returned home to Norway, she suddenly felt bad: first it was headaches and fever, then the hallucinations and muscle spasms.

The girl was taken to the hospital several times and doctors tried to diagnose disease, but no one until recently had no associated symptoms with a dog bite. Some time later one of the doctors suspected that it was rabies, and sent the tests to the Office of public health Sweden. His diagnosis was confirmed, but the doctors were unable to save the life of Norwegians: she died two days later.

No Kallestad or any of her friends have not been vaccinated against rabies, as such vaccines are not on the list of required vaccinations before you travel to the Philippines. “We are afraid that this could happen to someone else, and want this vaccine was included in the compulsory program for the places in which tourists can be infected with rabies. If we can achieve that, then our daughter’s death will not be in vain,” — commented on the loss of parents Kallestad.

In September 2018 the baby girl from Brazil went through seven stings deadly Scorpion. The mother did not notice that the arthropod was sitting in the diaper, and put it on the baby. The girl went limp and her mouth started foaming. The mother took her to the doctor where she was injected with six doses of the antidote. This saved the child from death.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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