A shark attacked a surfer and broke his leg


www.vsyako.netRoundnose, aculpoco: Albert Kok / Wikimedia Commons

On the French island of reunion in the result of a shark attack killed a surfer. This publication reports The Independent.

The attack occurred near the fishing town of Sainte-Liu. Because of the abundance of sharks in the area are prohibited surfing. Despite this, 28-year-old man and his friends entered the sea.

Eyewitnesses said that the surfer had disappeared under water, and on the surface left only his Board. To the rescue rushed the three friends. Not being able to pull the man out of the water, they returned to shore.

Later, the body surfer pulled out by rescuers. The shark tore off his leg.

Local authorities say that this time of year off the coast of Reunion especially a lot of roundnose sharks. They are considered one of the most aggressive types of fish and are a danger to humans.

Reunion located in the Indian ocean, 700 kilometers East of Madagascar. The island is an overseas region of France. Over the last three years off its coast recorded 24 shark attacks. 11 of them ended in death.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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