Engagement ring from the man’s hair surprised user network


www.vsyako.netPicture: YouTube

Woman shared a photo of her engagement ring from the hair of the groom on social networks and caused outrage Internet users, writes tabloid the Sun.

“Wonderful Friday! My boyfriend became my fiancé. He asked me to marry him and presented him with a ring made of his hair, wrote the bride, accompanied by the post. Is this ring only for a while, until the finger does not appear more subtle form of decoration”.

Photograph jewelry became viral and got a lot of comments. “Maybe she got his hair from the drain tube and wound his finger? He even knows that they’re engaged?” — suggested ones.

“Guy? As much as I loved her man, I never would wear on his finger his hair,” wrote others. “Why? Just why?” complained third.

Earlier in may it was reported that in Rugby, UK, the guy proposed to his girlfriend after she was found inside of the fish he caught the gold ring. According to the man, he didn’t hide the decoration in the catch. Christopher suggested that fish just swallowed the ring before he caught her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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