NATO will hold military exercises in Latvia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The largest in the Baltic States the military training ground in Adazi, Latvia 13 may begin the NATO exercise “Summer shield”. The maneuvers will last until 25 may, will include the participation of thousands of servicemen, reported on the official website of the National armed forces of the country.

In addition to the Latvian troops in maneuvers will also take part in the military from Albania, Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Lithuania. The exercise will be conducted not only at the ground, but in the other the vicinity of Riga. Their main task — improving the system of interaction between business units and development of procedures for the management of air and ground operations.

Exercise “Summer shield” held in Latvia since 2004. The original purpose of the maneuvers was to prepare the Latvian units for operations in Iraq. In further exercises, wearing exclusively national character, was aimed at testing the skills of the escort combat vehicles, evacuation of wounded and provide medical care.

In 2014 exercise “Summer shield” was included in the training plan, NATO and were used for testing the interaction between the military of the participating countries of the military block. Last year the maneuvers were combined with large-scale exercise of the Alliance Saber Strike held in the Baltic States since 2010.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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