Netizens justified renounced his mother of the rich man


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A Reddit user under the nickname chickentikkaontoast said that stopped to help my mother after he got rich. He asked the visitors how well he did, and they unexpectedly supported it.

According to the author of the post, after his parents divorced he moved to live with her father. It happened at the initiative of the mother he never got along with her new boyfriend. “When she told me to go … something in me changed and I still can’t forgive her,” he said. He later took to his younger sister, who also did not like to live with her mother.

When the author came of age, his grandfather and grandmother pushed him to start their own business in the construction industry. They so believed in him that he even mortgaged his house for startup capital. The father also supported this idea. A few years later chickentikkaontoast entered into several major contracts. The work allowed him to provide for his family: sister, father, grandfather and grandmother.

“I’m surrounded by people who see and saw the best in me, and I’m so thankful, because I seriously got corrupted after my mother ruined our family,” he concluded.

However, according to his confession, the mother presses on his guilt and demands that he cared about her children from the second marriage. She admitted that he will not forgive her, but he wanted support for his family. He asked for advice on Reddit, as it fought the indifference and duty.

Commentators have supported him and assured that he does not owe anything to the person who supported and cared about him. “Your mother was not interested in a relationship with you until it will benefit her and her “new” family,” they said. The author of the post said that he would like to preserve a mother’s love. “If you have to earn his mother’s love, she’s not a very good mother,” replied one user.

As a result, many users advised chickentikkaontoast to create a Fund to pay for College half-brothers and sisters. His mother could not spend money from this account alone. This method of support seemed to them best.

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