Responsible for project state-owned company showed the worst result in the history


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

The results of the “Avtodor” in 2018 was the worst in 10 years of existence. The company, which is responsible for the construction of the Central ring road (Central ring road), it is actually entirely chose an appropriate subsidy. This was reported by the audit chamber, RIA Novosti reported.

The Department explained that last year the company was unable to complete 11 of the 12 targets and indicators — linked to roadworks. So, Avtodor has not completed work on construction and reconstruction 317,7 km of roads, and the rate of effectiveness in the use of subsidies was below 50 percent.

Despite low effectiveness, the company used the subsidy to 74,8 billion on 99.8 percent. According to the chamber, this is due to payment of advances to contractors at year end. The Department also noted that “Avtodor” does not comply with the indicators for entering toll roads and fees from their exploitation is not adequately addressing the issue of attracting investors for the construction of roads. In the state-owned company said that the new leadership has already begun to correct the shortcomings.

Avtodor appeared in 2009, the company is engaged in construction and repair of highways. Previously, it was replaced by the head — February 2019 the state-owned company was headed by Vyacheslav Petushenko who previously served in her post of first Deputy Chairman of the Board. Head of the “Avtodor” since 2012 Sergey kelbakh was dismissed at his own request. The sources said the reason for this project.

The project of the Central ring road was created back in the early 2000s. This highway is scheduled to unload Moscow from transit freight transportation. Work planned to complete in 2014-2018, but the deadline was postponed due to low quality of design and inefficient operation of the customer. In 2017, the project cost was estimated to be 313 billion rubles, but the final price is unknown. Now the opening of the ring road is scheduled for fall 2021.

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