Sergey Zverev accidentally broke the restricted area of the Kremlin


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Stylist Sergei Zverev, staged a picket on red square against the construction of the plant on lake Baikal, their actions inadvertently revealed the ban on single meetings, existing at the Kremlin. On Monday, may 13, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the lawyer Zvereva, Mikhail Biryukov, in accordance with article 8 of the Federal law On rallies, pickets cannot be conducted at a number of facilities, including the residence of the President of Russia. According to police, a stylist of their action in red square just violated the ban.

However, lawyers Zvereva have not found any document which would have established the boundaries of the restricted areas for pickets on red square, so it is unclear on what specifically the distance of the object is prohibited picketing.

Defenders of the stylist reminded the judge that in June of 2018, the Plenum of the Supreme court (SC) of Russia has already considered the situation with pickets and decided that it is impossible to attract people to administrative responsibility in the case, if not officially defined the boundaries of the restricted zones near the presidential residence and other objects. To clarify the issue of the borders solicitors Zverev are going to reach the Russian armed forces.

Earlier, on 13 may, the Tver court of Moscow has recognized stylist guilty of violating the rules of the pickets on red square against the construction of the plant on lake Baikal and decided to fine him 15 thousand rubles. Zverev came to trial in the crown and surrounded by the support group. Asked by the judge about the job, he called himself a superstar.

March 3, Zverev staged a picket against construction of a plant for bottling of bottled drinking water on the lake. Later, the actor received a summons to the police.

Bottling plant bottled drinking water was supposed to appear in the village of Kultuk, Irkutsk region by 2021. The main investor of the construction was Gazinskaya water company, which is registered in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

The construction of the plant has raised a wave of protests and was later suspended by the court. Petition against the project has garnered over one million signatures. On 2 April the Arbitration court of Irkutsk region has banned Chinese organizations “Akvasib” to build a plant.

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