Solovyov expelled from the Studio of Ukrainian expert on Bandera


www.vsyako.netVladimir Soloveichik: “Who against?” / YouTube

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov criticized by Ukrainian political analyst Vsevolod Nepogodin and kicked him out of the Studio during the broadcast of a political talk-show “Who against?” The record release is available on the YouTube channel “Russia 24”.

The dispute between the leading transmission and Ukrainian expert occurred during the discussion of the armed forces of Ukraine. According to Solovyov, Ukraine popularized the theme of Nazism and the image of Stepan Bandera.

Nepogodin in response explained that collaborated with Nazi Germany Bandera Ukrainians associated with the struggle against Stalinism. “But what was the alternative?” — said Ukrainian political analyst, explaining the negative attitude of the Ukrainians to the Soviet authorities.

Solovyov considered these words Nepogodina assertion that the war on the side of the Third Reich was an alternative to fight the Soviet Union. “So you have me in the Studio, saying that people had the right to fight on Hitler’s side, because it is an alternative to struggle? Get out of here! I even do not want to explain,” — said Solovyov. After that, Nepogodin quietly left the Studio.

In March Vladimir Solovyov expelled from the Studio of “Who against?” two participants of the talk show. Guests started to argue, doused each other with water, cursed, and in the end tried to come together in the melee. The presenter told both to leave the Studio.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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