The Armenian opposition has surprised treaded down the Russian flag the Governor


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The leader of the opposition party of Armenia Edmon Marukyan requires the government to explain the appointment to the post of Governor of Aragatsotn region David Gevorgyan, who, according to the media a few years ago during a protest trampled the flag of Russia. The corresponding statement the Deputy has published on his page in Facebook

Marukian referred to the publication of where it is alleged that Gevorgian in 2015 trampled the Russian flag after the police foiled an attempt to fire it up.

According to the MP, in General people can Express their negative attitude to other countries, however, the appointment to public office after such actions unacceptable. He recalled that the Armenian authorities “are working on creating a brilliant relationship with Russia,” as well as the impending supply in the Republic of the Russian su-30 and the strategic partnership between Yerevan and Moscow.

Marukyan asked if you knew the government about political views Gevorgyan in his appointment. “They hope to combine the pursuit of excellent relations with Russia and the presence of such of the Governor?” — asked the opposition leader, noting that his question was not rhetorical, and addressed to the head of the ruling faction of the “step” Lilit Bakunts.

Gevorgyan came to politics in 2018, prior to that, he was engaged in business. In June of 2018 he received the post of Deputy Minister of territorial administration and development of Armenia, in the government of Nikol Pashinian. In October he was appointed Governor of Aragatsotn region. The results of the last December parliamentary elections has received the Deputy mandate, but refused it in order to keep the Governor’s post.

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