The man pretended to be a woman for the sake of drawing and regretted


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Briton Ryan hill (Ryan Hill) had a fight with his girlfriend Melissa Dunsmoor (Melissa Dunsmore) once played it with a new filter in the app Snapchat, which changes the gender of the person in the photo. This reports the Metro.

Hill sent Dinsmor your retouched photo with the caption “me t-shirt your boyfriend” and then a message asking to see the picture he just sent her. The girl believed that the guy was cheating on her and reacted aggressively.

“Are you serious? Don’t come home after work. Why is a girl your shirt? I put you in the black list” — wrote Dinsmor in response to communications hill.

When the British admitted to the girl that it was a prank, she refused to believe him and threatened to hit the guy in the face if he moved closer to her. Hill argues that they Dinsmor still not reconciled.

Blogger from the United States Gabby, Hannah also used the retouched images to deceive people, but it was not a hoax. She wanted to prove how easily users of Instagram can fake a photo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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