The Russian authorities wanted to destroy the ham on the border


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of agriculture has proposed to begin to withdraw and dispose of in Russia of the goods that are imported into the country by physical persons in hand Luggage and baggage for private use or come into Russia postal items. The draft amendments to the law “On veterinary medicine” published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts. The measure proposes to introduce to prevent the proliferation of infectious diseases of animals.

The Agency proposes to oblige the bodies of veterinary supervision, if they occur in neighboring States, the threat of introduction and spread of contagious animal diseases to be organized on the border of the disinfection of the entering vehicles. This will affect road and multimodal crossings. On the border also serves to organize the disposal of products that are imported to Russia in hand Luggage and baggage for personal use. We are talking about goods which fall into Russian territory from countries not members of the EAEC, for which no permit or veterinary certificate of the country of origin.

The exception proposed for the finished products of animal origin in their original packaging, which weigh up to five kilograms, inclusive. The main condition is “epizootic welfare of the country of the manufacturer of the specified product and country of export”. In the draft amendments of the law States that the disposal will be free of charge.

The reason for the introduction of such measures could be appeal to the government of manufacturers of meat products “Miratorg”, “Cherkizovo”, “West Malling”, “Remit” and other with a request to ban the Russians to import meat and dairy products for personal use from abroad, the newspaper “Kommersant”. The reason they called the growing risks of the importation of pathogens dangerous animal diseases, particularly African swine fever.

Later, the head “miratorga” Victor Linnik gave an interview in which he urged Russians to think about the development of their own country. “The public needs to think about the development of their own country, and not the ham and cheese, which we do constantly. Out of nothing, threw a tantrum, full of bullshit,” said Linnik. However, after this announcement, social media users decided to boycott the company’s products.

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