A popular product called the cause of cancer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ralph Orlowski / Reuters

Scientists from Sydney University and other scientific organizations have come to the conclusion that the popular food additive based on nanoparticles E171 — titanium dioxide can cause changes in the intestinal microflora, which contributes to inflammatory disease and cancer of the colon. This publication reports the New Atlas.

In the experiment, the researchers determined the effect of titanium dioxide on the intestine of mice. It turned out that the food additive does not change the species composition of gut bacteria directly, but affects the activity of certain genes controlling the condition of the mucous membrane. Thus it promotes the formation of bacterial films, leading to inflammatory and malignant diseases.

However, scientists have not yet conducted a direct link between the use of E171 and specific pathogenic processes in humans. Experts note that they do not advocate a ban of titanium dioxide, however, believe that there must be better regulation of food additives based on nanoparticles and more research.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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