Describes how gang killings Bones Large


www.vsyako.netConstantine Piskarevka: Russia 24 / YouTube

There are new details of the crimes of the gang of Constantine Piskareva named Kostya Large, which for 20 years of impunity, killed businessmen, officials and police. The details of the investigation of the oldest in the Moscow region organized criminal group (OCG) has published “Rosbalt”.

With its database of yachts-club “the Petrel” on Klyazma reservoir — Piskarev tried not to go, but if you did this, accompanied by three armed guards. One of them was Ivan Danilin, a young man who possessed an imposing physique as his boss. Piskarev sympathetic to his employee, but he appeared several times at the yacht club under the drug and then did not execute the order to hide somewhere in the suburbs.

In 2003, Berezhnova had a conflict with the coach on free-style wrestling of “Egory” Maxim by Asinim that he complained to the coast is Great. In the end, OPG has dealt with Asinim and his buddy on March 16 in Russia.

Only materials of the investigation appears more than 20 kills, but it is assumed that there are many more. At the hearings in the Moscow regional court, which began April 11, Piskarev has filed a motion to the trial was held by jury. The rest of the crew did not ask for and actively cooperate with the investigation, hoping for leniency.

The most famous victim of the bandits became the mayor of Sergiev Posad Eugene Dusko, who was killed on the morning of 22 Aug 2011 by Piscarium. As consider in Investigatory Committee of Russia, in 2011, between them there was a conflict with the professional activities of Dusko, which could hurt commercial interests of the leader of the gang.

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