Disclosed is a luxurious house decoration not to obey Yeltsin, General


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Boris Kavashkin / TASS

In New Moscow the alarm stop the thieves to steal a two-storey house of the former Director of the Federal border service (FPS) of Russia and former commander of the border troops, Andrei Nikolayev. On Tuesday, may 14, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

This mansion, the newspaper notes, Nikolaev was built for his family, has decorated the carpet with his portrait paintings and depicted on the wall a border post.

The criminals broke into the dwelling during the may holidays. Choosing a time when the house was empty, the thieves climbed the fence from the forest, pressed the window on the veranda of the first floor, and at this point in one of the rooms triggering the sensor. As it turned out, the house was equipped responsive to the motion alarm. The thieves had to leave with nothing.

After a few minutes in the house there arrived employees of the security office, not found outside and left. The next day, one of the sons of the General, revealing a pressed window, turned to law enforcement. The police concluded that the attackers some time watching the cottage.

The owner of the house, General of the army reserve Andrei Nikolaev, and in 1993 was appointed Deputy Minister of Russia’s security — commander of the border guards, and then became the first Director of the Federal border service — commander of border troops. As wrote “Kommersant”, in 1997, the General has engineered his own dismissal, disagreeing with the decision of the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin to change the location of the checkpoint of the frontier of “Upper Lars” on the Russian-Georgian border, threatening otherwise to resign. Filed Nikolayev resignation was satisfied.

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