Found a way to protect children from obesity


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Paniotov / RIA Novosti

Babies that are bottle-fed or fed with breast-feeding only occasionally, are at greater risk of obesity. About it reports regional office for Europe of the world health organization.

According to two studies, the longer a child is breastfed, the more secure it is protected from the occurrence of obesity.

The who recommends that during the first six months to give the baby exclusively breast milk, gradually accustomed to solid foods. The doctors have revised their own guidelines and came to the conclusion that breast feed can be up to two years “or longer”.

The authors of the study warn that extreme obesity in children linked to both immediate and long-term deterioration of the cardiovascular system, metabolism and other body systems.

In January 2018 the doctors of the University of southern California have found that obesity has symptoms of an infectious disease. So, a person who communicates with many people suffering from excess weight, are more likely to increase body weight. After the analysis of the influence of social environment on body weight 1111 children scientists expressed confidence that the main factor of the “contagion” of obesity is the relationship between the people who influence the formation of bad habits.

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