Friends pulled the boy from the jaws of a crocodile


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Altaf Qadri / AP

In the Indian state of Gujarat, the boy managed to escape from the jaws of a crocodile thanks to the help of his friends. This publication reports The New Indian Express.

The incident occurred on Monday, may 13. 14-year-old Sandeep Calmes Parmar (Kamlesh Parmar Sandeep) went swimming in the river with his friends. When he went into the water a crocodile grabbed his right leg.

Parmar screamed in pain, his friends rushed to his aid. They began to throw the reptile with stones, and the crocodile let go of the leg of the boy. Comrades helped the victim to reach the shore, where an ambulance was called.

The chief doctor of the city Khedbrahma, which brought Parmar, said that the bones of his right leg badly damaged. He added that if not for the help of friends, the boy could die.

Indian was transferred to the district hospital for further treatment. The boy’s father thanked his comrades for bravery.

8 may it was reported that in Kenya, crocodiles killed two people. Local inhabitants urge the government to help them find the body of one of the victims.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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