In Parliament assessed the implications of a rupture of relations with Russia


www.vsyako.netVadim Rabinovich Photo: Alexander Maksimenko / RIA Novosti

Ukraine will remain without “the help of the East” in the event of a rupture of relations with Russia, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, RIA Novosti reported.

The politician stressed the need to restore relations with Russia and CIS countries, but not to abandon ties with the West and the United States. “I want to give one piece of advice the team [the elected President of Ukraine Vladimir] Zelensky. Tender calf sucks two Queens, and have become so gentle neutral calf, which receives milk from the West and from the East,” said Rabinovich, adding that short-sighted actions will lead Ukraine to international isolation.

According to the Deputy, the lawyer of the President of the United States Rudolph Giuliani canceled his visit to Kiev, because I saw the team Zelensky “enemies of America”.

In April, the team Zelensky said that Russia “has recognized its responsibility as a state-occupier”, simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. At the headquarters of the elected President stressed that the Ukrainian authorities will do everything to protect its citizens who are forced to be “on occupied territories” and urged the international community to increase diplomatic and sanctions pressure on Moscow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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