Monster beheaded seals, and went to jail


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In France arrested the man, who is suspected of killing seals. On it informs edition The Local.

A few months ago on the beaches in Brittany are regularly finding the mutilated remains of animals. The actions of an unknown criminal has angered local residents. The business has received such resonance that the Society for the protection of marine fauna (SSCS) has promised 10 thousand Euro (EUR 730 thousand) for information about the killer.

Reports in the press and announced the award has helped the police to find witnesses. Three people were questioned, after which one of them was arrested in connection with the killing of seals. He could face up to two years in prison and a fine of an amount from 3.75 to 150 thousand euros (274 thousand to 11 million).

The first decapitated seals found in Concarneau in mid-February. The attacker tied his head to a rope and hung in the local harbour. A month later, near found another seal with a severed head. A week on the beach in the neighboring town noticed the remains of a third seal without a head.

The suspect was a local fisherman. His motives are not specified, however, that a group of fishermen convicted of a similar crime a year ago, believed that marine animals consume them fish.

In March it was reported that since the beginning of the year on the Atlantic coast of France found a record number of dead dolphins. Cause of death allegedly was fishing for redfish, which is maintained in the region. Animals accidentally fall into the net of trawlers and die under water from lack of air.

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