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American make-up artist and beauty blogger Huda Iraqi origin CTAN listed products, the use of which helps naturally enhance the lips. Her words publishes Glamour.

One such product, according to the expert, — cinnamon: this spice stimulates circulation, so it is often included in the cosmetic composition for the lips. To achieve rapid effect CTAN recommends adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to a lip gloss. “To enhance the effect, mix ground cinnamon with vaseline, olive oil, honey, or any balm, apply to lips and after a minute remove with a damp towel,” she advises.

A similar effect has peppermint oil. CTAN recommends that you use the same method: mix butter with honey and leave on lips for a minute.

Another natural enlarger of the lips, which causes a make-up artist — wasabi. “Believe it or not, but wasabi is not only a delicious addition to sushi. It will also make your lips plump in no time, says Kattan. — RUB a little into lips and leave on for a minute. It may be unpleasant, but it’s much better than injection”.

In March it became known that in the beauty industry appeared the trend: give lips more shape instead of increasing their size. This occurs through the introduction of fine threads across the corners of the mouth, which then pass through the contour of the lips.

The Editors”.ru” is not recommended to repeat the steps described in the material methods of lip augmentation without medical advice, as applied to the skin certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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