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One of the recommended realtors countries, allowing the Russians to obtain a second citizenship by investment in real estate includes St Lucia and Dominica. This is stated in the materials of the company Kalinka International (“”).

The amount of needed investments in these countries does not exceed 300 thousand dollars (19.5 million roubles), according to the study.

The cheapest option for getting a second citizenship, according to realtors, is Vanuatu. To obtain a passport of the country the Russians are paying 80 thousand dollars. The program citizenship-by-investment in real estate in this country.

Similar conditions apply to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is possible for 100 thousand dollars or investment property in the amount of 400 thousand dollars.

With regard to the minimum amount of investment in real estate, according to statistics, Kalinka International, the best conditions are offered by Dominic. A passport of the country available when investing in real estate in the sum of 200 thousand dollars or for payment to the Treasury in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

To obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia, the Russians are investing in real estate from 300 thousand dollars or pay to the state from 100 thousand dollars.

To become a citizen of Grenada, you will need to invest in real estate from 350 thousand dollars, according to the company, stressing that in all these countries, applicants for citizenship will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

“A relatively small level of investment makes these countries attractive for those citizens who can’t afford (…) the more expensive areas, or have never been naturalized for other countries and I want to test this opportunity,” — said the head of Kalinka International Tatiana Burakowska.

Previously, experts of the company Domire Estate have made the rating of countries with the cheapest housing in the coastal marine area. According to them, the leader of the rating became Bulgaria where you can buy a house by the sea 25 million euros (about 1.8 million).

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