Popular blogger-traveler suddenly died a month before her thirtieth birthday


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Hippie in heels on Facebook

A popular travel blogger Rachel Jones (Rachel Jones) died at the age of 29 years. About the unexpected death of women reported intimate visit her blog, Hippie in Heels Facebook.

“It was a great shock to us all,” said they. About the event reasons the authors of the post, signed as Ben, Jeff, Carl and Travis, you didn’t.

According to friends of Jones, they pereformuliruem her popular blog into a community where all members can publish their thoughts, write reviews and share travel experiences.

Jones studied at the Ohio state University at the nurse and almost a year worked in the cardiology Department of the hospital, before he decided to devote his life to travel. For several years she lived in Goa. On June 9 she would have turned 30 years old.

On his personal website Hippie in Heels and blogs to Facebook and Instagram Jones actively encouraged subscribers to explore the world. The number of its readers exceeds 100 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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