Russian priest suspended from service after a fight with a Taser


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In Novokuznetsk of the priest, who had a fight with passers-by your dog, one year removed from services. About it RIA Novosti said the head of the information Department of the diocese Viktor Bulgakov.

May 13 held a meeting of the diocesan ecclesiastical court with the participation of all persons involved in the conflict. “The settlement agreement the priest to make failed, because the other side was expressed in his address a lot of complaints,” — said Bulgakov.

He added that the police has not yet assessed the incident.

The fight took place in Novokuznetsk on Easter, April 28. One of the passers-by walking his dog, asked the priest and his wife to take his dog away from her. We started the conflict, his wife slapped her face and pulled out a Taser. Later, the fight was joined by the priest. To help the victim came another local resident who tried to stop the priest before the police arrived. He began to break out and hit the opponent with a Taser.

In early April, an employee of the Magnitogorsk diocese accused the economy of the diocese, father Dionisy in the beating. According to the woman, Dionysius insulted her with all his strength he threw on the wall. The victim was in intensive care in serious condition.

On 22 March it was reported that in Kanye, Botswana city priest during a Church service killed the dog and fed the parishioners of raw meat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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